Not just a photographer

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My name is Kashya (*think of cashmere)


I'm a full-time photographer, retouching & video artist based in Bristol, UK.


I come from a small town in South West of Poland, where I spend my childchood living on the doorstep of a huge forrest and many lakes. The love for nature and exploring the unkown drives me to travel whenever I can in my campervan.

My journey with photography started at the age of 12 years old, when I got my first film camera and was intrigued with the process of developing a film.

I learned the basic rules of photography and since I've shot thousands & thousands of portraits, products, events and even directed music videos.

I create visual content that helps my clients boost their brand's sales and social media reach.

My main focus is around fashion, editiorial / lifestyle and product
imagery for social media, advertising and e-commerce platforms.

My photography style is bold constasts, satuated colours and polished retouching altough the styles and techniques differ from client to client.


My job goes far beyond being a photographer. It's balancing the creative side with high end retouching, understanding the importance of making impact in creating your brand's identity.